Other local preparatory sections

Pisnicka (a song), Rolnicka (a jingle bell), Slunicko (a little sun) and Zvonecek (a little bell).

In these sections we have children from small towns and villages at the foothills of the Eagle Mountains and as we love singing and Rychnov is some distance away, conductors come to us and we form small choirs in our schools. There are about 15 young singers in each section. Conductor Katerina Cizinska works with us in Doudleby nad Orlici and we are called Slunicko. Lucie Cabalkova conducts us in Solnice, we are Rolnicka. Zvonecek works in Basic School in Skuhrov nad Belou conducted by Michaela Grundova. What do we take part in every year? We participate in big choir concerts, Spring Concert of the Youngest, The Last Concert of the Season, where we join up with others and perform like ´Local Preparatory Sections´. Then we sing in Christmas concerts in our own home towns or villages and Carmina comes to help us. We also have an annual training camp in spring where we have a lot of fun and choir singing.

Conductors: Lucie Cabalkova M.A., Katerina Cizinska M.A., Michaela Grundova M.A.




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