Ptacata A (´little birds´)

We, Ptacata A, are a preparatory section from which young singers progress straight to the concert section, Carmina. Children from school grades 3 to 8 come here and we practise twice a week for one hour. Our repeitoire is really varied, predominantly focused on regular thematic concerts such as Christmas, Spring Concert of the Youngest, The last Concert of the Season and concerts from composers P. Jurkovic and J. Vicar for example. Most songs are sung in Czech but from time to time we ´visit´ foreign countries and have sung in Estonian, Finnish, English, French, etc.

Two weekend training camps in autumn and spring are chances for us to work as much as possible but also we do not forget to enjoy ourselves by having some adventures and doing other things which are connected with a happy choir life.

Every year we go to a summer training camp where we join Ptacata B and become a great group of really good friends and prepare many lovely songs.

Organising exchanges with other preparatory sections from the whole Czech Republic is an activity we really like . For a weekend we visit another choir where we usually perform 1 or 2 concerts and stay with our choir friends´ families and enjoy getting to know the beauty of other regions of the Czech Republic. Afterwards, for another weekend that choir comes to see us in Rychnov nad Kneznou for a reciprocal visit. This way we make many new friends and have a lot of new experiences. Sometimes we even try to participate in a competition or festival and are pleased to recieve any compliments or criticism so we know what we should improve. We are the happiest after a concert where the audience reward us with a long applause.

Conductor: Lucie Cabalkova, M.A.




          2016 03