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The Rychnov Children´s Choir is not only a club for children with singing as an interest but is an organisation which provides children with a good musical education. The choir broadens this and some children have progressed professionally into music colleges and universities while others are happy and able to sing naturally without embarassment. Joining the choir is a good opportunity for everyone who wants to spend his or her leisure time doing something useful and beautiful.

The choir was established in September 1992 and since then it has performed more than 650 concerts and participated in various competitions. In 1995 and 1996 they won two gold standards in the Czech National Competition and in 1997 they finished second in the International Competition in Lecco, Italy, in 1999 they were awarded the gold medal in the International Competition in Tampere, Finland and in 2000 they won the silver medal in Tolose, Spain. 2011 saw the choir take part in the International Competition in Ohrid, Macedonia where they won the first prize in the children´s choir category and joined the Grand Prix where the seven best choirs from the competition performed. Furthermore, they were awarded the Special Commitee Prize for the best performance of a Macedonian composition, Macedonian Humoresque, which has actually been a reward for a long term project called the Balkan Wedding.

Regular weekend training camps are organised by the choir during the school year and a summer camp for the Carmina and Ptacata choirs in the holidays.

The choir cooperates with leading Czech composers, orchestras and bands.

Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Ukraine, Slovakia, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, France and Spain are the European countries in which the choir has already performed. In November 2007 they even travelled "across the water" to sing in the USA and at the end of summer 2011 they toured the Balkan states, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia and Turkey.

Children are able to start singing at the age of four in nursery schools and then progress to higher levels, the highest of which is the main choir , Carmina. At present there are more than 260 children in the choir.

Apart from voice training The Rychnov Children´s Choir offers intonation and rythm basics and fundamental music study linked with playing the keyboard. There is a specially equipped classroom and a special textbook written by the choir conductors for use by the children. Other Czech schools of applied arts have been using this system.

The choir has been active in arranging choral singing in the region, has also organised an international contest, Chorus Camera and in 2002, 2003, 2009 and 2010 they organised the Czech National Festival of School Choirs.

The Rychnov Children´s Choir is a well managed organisation with seven independent choirs for children aged 6 to 18.

The artistic manager of the choir is the conductor Karel Stregl, M.A. The other conductors are Kamila Hajkova, M.A. and Lucie Cabalkova M.A. The choir pianist is Tomas Havlin - a graduate from Pardubice Music College. The manager is Eva Streglova, M.A.



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