Ptacata B (´little birds´)

We, Ptacata B, are a preparatory sectiont for children from basic school grades 3 to 5. There are twenty of us and we sing as much as we can and we try our best to be able to advance to Ptacata A as soon as possible. We practise twice a week in our choir classroom, from 2:45 to 3:45pm and our conductor is Lucie Cabalkova.

What do we sing? Everything that makes us happy, folk and contemporary songs, slow and fast, easy and difficult but they have to be beautiful. During our rehearsals we play musical games, dance, try to play musical instruments and from time to time we touch on drama.

During the year we take part in our Rychnov Children's Choir traditional concerts - Christmas, Spring Concert of the Youngest, The last Concert of the Season and the festival, There Were Five of Us. We also like to take part in two training camps where we sleep in sleeping bags in the choir building over the weekend. There we learn lots of new songs and we have a lot of fun! In August we join Ptacata A and spend a summer camp together.

The biggest pleasure for us is the applause at concerts and being able to sing together and enjoy all the beautiful music.

Conductor: Lucie Cabalkova, M.A.




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